Flexible Vinyl

Product Code: VS

Flexible vinyl 0.12" thick 12" x wide 200 ft


Flexible vinyl 0.16" thick 16" x wide 100 ft


Flexible Vinyl 0.08" thick 8" x wide 300 ft

Flexible Vinyl

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Redco™ PVC Strip Door brings solutions to a variety of installations. Heated or cooled air becomes contained resulting in energy savings lost from unprotected openings. Dust, dirt and other contaminants remain contained to reduce overall clean up costs. As well, Redco™ PVC Strip Door creates a safer and more productive work environment by providing protection from the elements, noise and harsh working environments, while creating an easy, fully visible passageway for personnel, animals and machinery.

  • Save Energy with Temperature Retention
  • Increase Productivity by Opening Traffic Flow
  • Reduce Maintenance & Clean Up Costs
  • Improve Working Conditions by Maintaining Ambient Temperatures
  • Improve Employee Safety by Reducing Noise and Increasing Visibility

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